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For you that are tired of childish games and silly challenges

Break Loose: Zombie Survival is a mobile game that throws the player in a post apocalyptic world devastated by zombies. Isolated and running out resources, some military bases scattered around the world shelter the only survivors who weren't infected by the plague yet. And the salvation is in the hands of these survivors that, unsatisfied, will risk their own lives to exterminate as many zombies as possible.

Run as fast as you can. Use your best skills. Stay alive!

Pixtoy Team


A zombie infestation on a catastrophic scale led to society’s collapse. Civilization was terribly attacked and dominated by these creatures. Nobody knows for sure, but the rumors are that it all started with a virus that was being tested on human guinea pigs who lived in extreme poverty. A virus that was meant to mercilessly exterminate the source of major cities social problems. However, it didn't happen as expected and the virus interaction with the victims DNA caused the most bizarre and aggressive mutations. And the Apocalypse has begun...


Inspired by the popular mobile game genre, Break Loose: Zombie Survival is an endless runner that always leaves the player thirsty for more. The closest you can get to the end is by doing missions and evolving in order to achieve the highest rank.

The character runs on the streets of a totally destroyed city, where he will find not only zombies and obstacles, but also precious itens that will be vital for his survival.


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The survivors are represented by the characters of the game, which see themselves isolated and running out of resources on a military base. Unsatisfied with their lives, these brave men and women will leave in search of the salvation of their world. Once outside, they’ll have to use their best skills to kill and divert the greatest amount of zombies they can.


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